What Really Happens During Pet Euthanasia?

Euthanasia is from the Greek word eu, which means good, and thanatos, which means death. Its goal is to end suffering through humane death. It is not only done on humans but even on pets. If you are curious about how pet euthanasia happens, keep on reading, and let’s quickly talk about the general procedure.

It All Starts with a Painful Decision

The first step is deciding that it is time to put your pet to rest. This is often the most difficult and painful. The best thing to do is to consult with an expert, such as Dr. Ray Spragley, who has extensive experience in cat and dog euthanasia. A qualified veterinarian will explain the procedure and will keep you at ease. This will minimize the guilt as you decide to stop your pet’s suffering.

Your Pet Will Receive Two Shots

It may differ depending on the approach of the vet, but in most instances, it is done by administering two shots. Even a holistic vet will most likely implement the same procedure. The first shot is a sedative. It is the only point where the pet feels mild pain or discomfort. This is important to calm the pet. After the injection, your pet will be in a deep sleep. It can take anywhere from five to ten minutes before your pet is asleep.

When you are ready, the vet will administer the second injection. The drug of choice can vary, but one of the most common is pentobarbital. It is an anesthetic that slows down the heartbeat and stops it eventually. When given intravenously, the pet dies within seconds. On the other hand, when directed on the abdomen, it takes up to 15 minutes before the animal dies.

Alone Time with Your Pet

The vet will then listen to the heartbeat and confirm that the pet is dead. You will have alone time with the pet. This is often the most emotional time. It is when it will finally dawn on you that your pet is gone. You can stay as short or as long as you want. Cry if you must. Let your emotions come out. In some instances, the dog will still have spasms and will release bodily fluids. Do not assume that it is still alive. This is a normal occurrence.

Give Your Pet a Burial

After euthanasia, you have several options. Some people decide to spend more time with their pet while others opt for direct cremation. You can also be more traditional and bury your pet in your desired location as long as the law allows it. There is also an option to leave it to the veterinarian.

Your pet does not deserve to live a life of pain. If it is suffering, it is time to consider the possibility of euthanasia. It may hurt you emotionally, but this is for the best.

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