Necessities for new dog owners

You are getting a dog? Congratulations! You’re in for a lot of fun and happiness in the house. But a dog requires some neccessary preporations. You’ll want to doggy-proof the house, so that you are ready for whatever comes your way. That includes making sure that your new furry friend has everything that it needs. Luckily Vetsend is here to help you. So that you’ve got everything it takes to raise a fun dog. To get you started, we’ve listed three of the most important categories below. Everything you need to welcome your furry little best friend to the family.

Dog food and treats

Obviously you will need to make sure that you have some dog food in the house before your dog actually arrives. It can be a little daunting to see all the differeny dog food options, but just choose something that sounds good to you. Do check the packaging and the nutritional benefits though. The only real way to see what your dog likes best, is to try out different types of food. Same thing goes for dog treats. There are many to choose from, like chew sticks, cookies and jerky treats. But your dog will show you soon enough which ones it likes, and which ones it doesn’t.

Food and water bowls

Besides the food itself, you will also need to make sure that you’ve got dog bowls to keep it in. Because of course you will slip your own food to your furry friend from time to time, but it is important that your dog also has it’s own bowls. One bowl for food, and one bowl for water, is recommended. But you could always buy an extra one for travelling or to keep as a back-up. There are many dog bowls available, but one ones made from stainless steel are considered the best option. As they don’t contain harbor bacteria. And they’re super easy to clean.

Dog collars and leashes

There is no way you can make a list about dog neccessities, and forget about the leashes and collars. It might be the most important thing to buy. And quality is key here. Ergonomic collars are the number one choise, as they make sure that your dog won’t get harmed by pulling on it’s leash. Or you might even want to choose an harness, which will do the same thing. Ensuring that you dog is comfortable and won’t get hurt is extremely important. And please do not forget to add a little dog identity tag to the collar. Just in case.

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