The Right Cat Bath in 9 Steps

Cats are experts at giving themselves baths. Actually, they spend a lot of their waking hrs bathing themselves. Most cats can live all of their lives without human assist in the kitty bath area. However, every occasionally, your feline friend may need some help.

Regrettably, for most felines, an individual-aided cat bath is going to be their least favorite cat-human interaction, and they’re going to inform you it in no uncertain terms. Have you ever attempted to wash the cat, you will know this is not always easy and you’ll possess the scratches to exhibit it!

When the occasion comes when you really need to wash your cat, you’ve got to be fully prepared in advance. This helps the procedure go faster and lower the strain for both you and your cat. If possible, recruit another brave human that will help you. One individual holds your cat lightly and firmly as the other washes and rinses.

Cat Bath Supplies

Possess the following supplies ready before you begin to wash your cat:

Container to bathe your cat (something similar to a plastic baby tub), or use a large sink

Soft wash cloth

Large clean dry towel

Cat shampoo, or perhaps a safe flea shampoo if you are bathing your cat to eliminate fleas along with a

Plastic jug or large cup to pour water over your cat.

After you have all of the supplies all set to go, you are prepared to grab your cat and make a start.

Nine Steps for that Perfect Cat Bath

When you’re ready to complete the job, listed here are the steps you need to decide to try supply your cat with a shower:

Fill the plastic tub about four inches of tepid to warm water.

Test water to make certain it’s warm, although not too warm.

Add and blend the kitty shampoo in to the water.

Holding your cat or kitten firmly, place her or him within the tub.

While using plastic jug, pour some warm soap and water over your cat (steer clear of the eyes and face).

Massage the soap and water to your cat’s fur in the neck lower towards the tail.

Rinse your cat with clean tepid to warm water while using plastic jug or large cup.

Wrap your cat inside a large clean towel and lightly rub her dry around you are able to. Some cats may permit you to follow-up having a blow dryer on the low setting.

Follow-up having a healthy treat for the cat so that your cat may affiliate the bathing with something good.

While you are giving your cat a shower, talk lightly and soothingly. Remember to possess a firm grip of the cat, but take care not to hurt her or him.

“Sponge Baths” for Cats

If you think your feline friend does not require a full-on cat bath, you could utilize a cat wipe or perhaps a warm clean cloth to wash their fur. This will always be less traumatic for the cat (and also you!) than the usual full bathing and can be all of the help she or he needs.

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