Do All Rodents Need To Be Exterminated?

Rats are super hardy creatures that can become a problem for your home or place of work. Wild rats roam most areas so there is always a chance that you could receive these visitors.

 If you do, you are likely rightly concerned for your health and safety as they transport more human diseases than any other creature. But you may also wonder if the only solution is to kill them. Is there a humane way to organize your rat removal? What should you do if your home is infested with these creatures?

Let us discover the answers together.

Ways To Deal With Rat Infestations

There are many ways to kill the rats that plague the premises. These include poison, glue traps, snap traps, drowning traps, and several others. Whilst some of these are reasonably quick, none could necessarily be classified as humane.

One option that presents itself as possibly the least inhumane is the type of trap that uses an electrical charge that stuns and kills the intruder rodent but even then, the death is not instant or painless for the creature.

So what can be done? Well, it might be possible to remove the rats or convince them to leave without killing them but the reality is that once they are there, they are very difficult to move out without extermination. They have claimed their home, and unfortunately, it is yours.

The Humane Prevention

Prevention is the key to being humane. Do not invite them into your home or allow them to walk through the front door and set up their own accommodations. This can be done in three ways.

1.   Block Their Access

Rats can get through air vents and holes as small as one inch wide. But they are not unstoppable and they cannot walk through walls. Block up all the holes in your home and check all access points to make sure that you seal them off, especially around piping and electrical conduits.

2.   Use Repellent

This one is nice and simple, purchase some rat repellent or get a professional in to place it around the home. Quite simply, they don’t like it but it won’t kill them.

3.   Remove Their Food Source

Rats are food crazy. Check your garbage disposal, your pet or animal food as well as any compost that you use. No food should be made accessible to these rodents. Allowing any scraps or unsealed food to exist is the equivalent of inviting them in for a meal.

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