Barastoc horse groom – A classic nutritional supplement

Often you find people saying that keeping horses is an expensive hobby. Besides being expensive , it requires extreme care in terms of nutrition, health and upkeeping which requires real effort from the equine lovers.

In addition to good nutrition, as an equine lover, you are required to provide your horses a perfect and hygienic housing as well as adequate grooming of horses’ body and maintenance of thick and shiny horse coat and regular hoof care.

What is meant by hoof care of horse?

Although every horse is prone to injury or illness and may be able to sustain those but when hoof gets affected it compounds the problems. Basically, it is the horse hoof that bears the weight and stress of all the activities of horse and hence it is imperative for the equine owner maintain  and provide a healthy hoof care to not only horses but all members of horse family i.e. equids, such as donkeys and zebras etc.

Hooves when allowed to grow can affect the working of hooves, damage tendons and ligaments of horse’s legs and may cause imbalance of roof that often leads to foot distortion related problems, including lameness. It is therefore essential to have hoof trimmings at regular intervals.

With overgrown or untrimmed hooves, horses become too vulnerable to injuries, sole bruises, fungal infections and abscess formation in the affected hoof. Poor or improper trimming of feet can also lead to flaring, chipping and other hoof defects and infections.

In addition to hoof trimming, equine owners are required to pay adequate attention towards clean area for housing horses and providing appropriate nutrition. Invariably, despite best possible nutrition, the energy and performance levels of horses is reduced and hence need additional  nutrition supplementation.

There are various nutritional supplements in variety of combinations for horses to choose from yet when you choose the best one like Barastoc horse groom, you get a well-balanced mix of all essential vitamins, minerals and other nutritional ingredient.

It contains most of the essential nutritional supplements necessary for the hoof strength, care and enhancement besides ensuring growth and longevity of equines.

Barastoc horse groomis the perfect blend of biotin, zinc and methionine as well as fibres, nutritional micronutrients that also help in maintain good health of horses’ hooves and create a shiny thick horse coat also.

What a balanced nutrition for horses must contain?

By and large, major ingredients of nutrition required for the growth and longer lifespan of horses include:

  • Water
  • Protein
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fats
  • Minerals

Lack of these essential ingredients of a balanced diet for horses may give rise to many diseases among horses and may also affect their growth, affect gut health, reduce energy and performance levels.

Inadequacy of perfect diet not only reduces weight but also cause problems pertaining to horses’ hooves as well as reduce the thickness and shine of horse coat.

When you encounter troubles like horses’ hooves, horse coat or reduction in eight and physical activity of your horse, rely on the well-balanced ingredient combinations of the Barastoc horse groom food supplement.

Barastoc horse groom not only prevents nutritional disorders in your horse but can be an assurance of over-all wellness for your equine.

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