Ask These Questions before Selecting Doggy Daycare in Orlando

If you feel sad and guilty about leaving your pet behind when you are at work, you can consider a doggy daycare facility as an alternative. Daycare facilities in Orlando are in huge demand, and there are quite a few options. You can be assured that your beloved furry friend is in great company and there are professional people around to take care of all needs, including emergency vet requirements. We recommend that you ask these questions listed below before selecting a dog day care Orlando FL.

  1. Are you licensed and insured?

This is one of the basic questions to ask. You want to select a known and reliable doggy daycare, which has insurance, and is safe for your pet. Make sure that you check all their licensing details.

  1. What else do you offer beyond daycare?

Many doggy daycare units in Orlando also have other services, including boarding for night, pet grooming & spa services, and even transportation. They will come and pick up your dog before you leave for work, and drop off at the right time. Look for a facility that offers more than just doggy daycare.

  1. What activities do you offer for pets?

The last thing you would expect is your dog to be kept alone in a kennel. Many pet owners opt for doggy daycare because they want the dog to have company of both furry animals and humans. It creates a social life for your pet. Check what the daily schedule is like, what’s included in the price, and what can be asked additionally. For instance, once in a fortnight, you may want your pet to have a spa session.

  1. Are your caretakers trained?

This is another relevant question, because eventually, they are the ones handling your pet. Make sure that you check and talk to the people at the doggy daycare directly to know more on their experience. There should be one person, who is always around to answer your calls, whenever needed.

  1. How much do you charge?

Most facilities have a fixed daily price, but don’t be tempted to select the cheapest one. We strongly suggest that you look for a doggy daycare option that’s known and reliable, and don’t shy away from asking about the add-ons.

A good doggy daycare is all you need to keep your pet happy on days when you are not around for varied reasons.

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