Breathtaking Dog Training Skills

Have you ever had the pleasure of watching an expertly trained sheepdog at work? The skill and control the handler has over his beast is often hard to believe and is breathtaking to observe.

Ridgeside K9 NorCal Dog Training official website is a place where you can get information on how to train your dog for a variety of purposes. Training will ideally start when the puppy is still an infant.

Farmers can work their dogs from over a mile or more away, giving them exact instruction via a series of calls or whistles which the dog has learned over time. The dog seems like an extension of the farmer’s brain – like the dog can read the farmer’s thoughts.

The benefits of having a well-trained sheepdog are incredible. The most important is that it saves the farmer time and energy. A farmer can often stay in one place, not even having to walk as the dog speeds off and brings the flock to the desired location.

Man’s Best Friend

These examples are just a few of the moves a well-trained dog will be able to perform on a minute-to-minute basis. Many trained dogs are able to follow the calls of their owner. It is incredible to behold and a reminder of how intelligent man’s best friend is when properly trained.

To say that all breeds are capable of performing to the level of a sheepdog is untrue. Of course, you’re not going to get a pug or a sausage dog to herd and run as well, but it is still always worth putting time and energy into training your dog.

Dog training in Sydney is a reliable and local way to ensure your pooch behaves itself at home or in public.  An important part of dog training is owner training – until owners are taught how to get inside a dog’s mind, it is hard for them to understand how and why to train their new best friend.

Perfect Dog Training

A dog is evolved to run – they are perfectly streamlined, have inexhaustible stamina, and a keen attitude for work.

Examples of commands that handlers can issue from afar include:

  • Stop – stay standing but be still
  • Lay down
  • Crawl forward, crawl left or crawl right
  • Run left or right
  • Walk left or right

Dog Psychology

Understanding how dogs think, their social hierarchy and when to give in and when not to is vital to maintaining a good relationship with your dog. Remember, you are their pack leader, and you must always ensure they are submissive to you before you give them treats, snacks or meals.

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